News and Announcements - 23 September 2012

Rev. Jack Sin of Maranatha B-P Church is our Lord’s messenger today. Fund Raising: We praise God for the S$4800 collected on 16 Sep for the Mae Chan Church Renovation Project. We continue to encourage all to give generously to this fund as we expand this Gospel Station in Northern Thailand. We seek to raise an additional S$20,700 for a total of S$25,000.

We’re Singing Again: The church is ordering a second batch of the hymnbook. Supplies are limited. Those interested, please message Zhi Wei @ 9118 9884 by 23 Sep.

Why is there death and suffering in the world? Many reject God on the basis that He must be a cruel God to allow the terrible events and suffering that we see in the world today. Could you answer this? Find out how you can use this question, and more as a powerful tool to reach others for Christ.

Remember to bring a friend to hear Dr Carl Wieland giving his dynamic messages Creation/Evolution: the controversy and Dinosaurs & the Most-asked Questions - Answered! at 7.30pm - 9.30pm on Friday 28 September 2012.

For registration, please email your name, phone number and number of participants to with “Creation/Evolution” in the Subject.

This year’s children’s camp will be held from 26 -28 Nov 2012 (Mon-Wed) at Aloha Changi. All P1-P6 are welcomed to sign up.  Hurry as places are being taken up fast.

Our appreciation to Mrs. Tracey Loke and family for the pulpit flowers.

New Awning: The Church has installed a new 4m awning at the front façade of our building, providing a larger shelter from rain and heat during tea fellowships as well as vehicle drop-offs and pick-ups.