News and Announcements - 8 April 2012

Pastor Robert Chew is our Lord’s messenger today. BAPTISM is ordained by Jesus Christ to be a sign and seal of the covenant of grace. To obey Christ, we submit ourselves to His command to be baptized. For those who would like to be baptized, or reaffirm their faith, or transfer their church membership, the church will be starting a membership course soon. Please contact Pastor or any of the Elders and Deacons or Mr Ho Zhi Wei to register your interest.

Calling All Members: The Church Annual Congregational Meeting (required by the Constitution) will be held on Sunday 22 April 2012 at the main sanctuary starting at 12.15 pm. The ACM booklet including the Notice of Meeting and the Annual Report, etc. will be distributed to members (by families or households) today. Please be sure to attend and bring it along with you. Members who have any queries to raise at the ACM are urged to submit them in writing and by email to Pastor ( by 19 April or earlier.