News and Announcements - 9 September 2012

A warm welcome to Rev. Dr. Oh Boon Leong from Mount Carmel B-P Church, our Lord’s messenger today. Evidence for Design Evidence for design abounds. Even some ardent atheists acknowledge this, but they deny the need for a Designer, attributing it to 'evolution'. Modern science reveals design that 'shouts out' that God created, as the Bible says.

Dr Carl Wieland will present some of this faith-affirming evidence that will astound you in Creation/Evolution: the controversy and Dinosaurs & the Most-asked Questions - Answered! at 7.30pm - 9.30pm on Friday 28 September 2012.

For registration, please email your name, phone number and number of participants to with “Creation/Evolution” in the Subject.

We’re Singing Again: The church is ordering a second batch of the hymnbook. Supplies are limited. Those interested, please message Zhi Wei @ 9118 9884 by 23 Sep.

Our appreciation to Mrs. Christine Lim and Family for the pulpit flowers.