News and Announcements - 10 August 2014

Rev. Mark Tay is our Lord’s Messenger today. Pastor Robert Chew is preaching at Sembawang BPC.

The back gate leading into our church premises from Block 231 is no longer accessible until further notice. The Housing Development Board and LTA have cordoned off specific areas for upgrading works and construction of a new carpark between Block 224 and Block 229. When ready, there will also be a new jogging track, to run around the perimeters of our church. We regret any inconvenience caused to all our church members and visitors.

Music CD Sales—17 August 2014 Ms. Deborah Mae and Ms. Judith d’Silva will be performing two special song items next week, and Deborah’s new CD "His Great Love" will be available for sale downstairs at the fellowship hall, after the worship service.

Worship Bulletins: If you do not wish to keep your worship bulletins, please leave them at the welcome table at the foyer on your way out instead of leaving them in the sanctuary.

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Sally Stahlmann and family.