News and Announcements - 22 June 2014

Rev. Robert Chew is our Lord’s Messenger today.

Choir rehearsal resumes this Thursday, 26 June at 8:15pm.

Children’s Ministry: Parents of P1—P6 children are encouraged to meet up with teachers for a short time of sharing and prayer on 29 June 2014 from 11.15am onwards as follows: P1-P2 in Love Room, P3-P4 in Grace Room, P5-P6 at Warden’s Quarters.

Mission Awareness Month Bulletin. For those of you who missed the MAM bulletin distributed with our worship bulletins three weeks ago, there are still some copies available at the lobby table. Please help yourselves.

Baptism and Transfers of Membership: There was insufficient response for us to hold the course for the July baptism. Thus, this will be postponed to the later part of the year for baptism at Christmas. The course will start towards the end of September.

Gentle Reminders For Our Sunday Worship

A) Come early for worship and give yourself time for quiet prayer. Help maintain reverence at all times during worship. All cellphones should be turned off or put in silent mode.

B) Please dress appropriately: avoid being a distraction.

C) Parents should help their children to be worshipful. The Church has a Cryroom on the 3rd floor for parents and babies.

D) Do play your part to keep the Church clean and tidy at all times.

We need your help and cooperation to please keep our Church Sanctuary, premises and toilets clean and litter free. Thank you.

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Jennifer Khoo and family.