News and Announcements - 15 February 2015

We warmly welcome Rev. Goh Seng Fong, our Lord’s Messenger today.

Children Ministry: Parents, please note that there is Junior Worship as usual, but NO Junior Sunday School next week, 22 Feb 2015.

Sunday Bible Classes for this year are starting TODAY at 11.15am. All who have signed up, please go to your respective classes according to the name lists posted at the rooms.

Please be informed that the Church is governed by the PDPA and it will comply with it. The data will be used solely for Pastoral Care, for Church Administration and for Church Ministries and Activities. If you wish to view the policy, a copy is posted at the Foyer.

The Church has included a “Member’s & Friend’s Particulars Update” form in today’s bulletin. We seek your cooperation in filling up this form as completely as possible, and dropping it into the box available at the foyer. Thank you.

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Geraldine Ong & Family.