News and Announcements - 17 May 2015

We warmly welcome Rev. Tan Choon Seng, our Lord’s Messenger today.

CAMBODIA YOUTH MISSION TRIP. The Youth Mission Team wishes to thank the congregation for their support of the Cookies and Muffins fundraising event held last week.

The YMT is also collecting donations to sponsor this trip. Special envelopes are available for your donations and your support is greatly appreciated. Funds collected will be used to support the trip, kids and youth program and village evangelism.

We also need donations of children’s storybooks up to age 6 and good quality clean clothes (No undergarments or spaghetti straps) for both young children and adults.

More details about the YMT can be found in the insert attached.

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Angeline Lim & Family.

YMB (1)
YMB (1)