News and Announcements - 19 February 2017

Rev. Robert Chew is our Lord’s Messenger today.  

Library Books Available Now! 
We are closing down our physical library at the end of February, and have many valuable books to give away. You are welcome to help yourselves to as many books as you like for your own reading/library. Dates: 19 & 26 Feb.  Time: 11.00am to 2.00pm.    

SBC Wednesday Morning Women’s Class will begin its first lesson this Wednesday, 22nd Feb at 9:30am at the Choir Room, 3rd Fl.  Please attempt the homework for Lesson 1 given out at last week’s Orientation before coming to class.  

Please feel free to bring other women (from Moriah or from the community) to class even though they might not have registered. All queries for this class should be directed to Mrs. Fu Yayin at 9xxxxxxx. 

Security update: Our church grounds are now under 24hours’ surveillance through the installation of security cameras and monitoring devices. This is in view of the constant reminders and alerts from the authorities SGSecure and the media for us to be vigilant. 

ZS 60 Teaching Conference by Zion Serangoon B-P Church.  This is a series of six talks from six great passages of Scripture used of God in the life of His people, spanning the breadth of the Bible. Conference Speaker:  Rev. David Cook  Date: 22—26 Feb, Venue: Zion Serangoon B-P Church.  For more details, please refer to the poster on our notice board. All are encouraged to attend.

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Florence Chew and family.