News and Announcements - 18 June 2017

Dn. Mervin Lin is our Lord’s Messenger today. 

Children Ministry: Parents please take note that there is NO Sunday School for the month of June. Junior worship will carry on as usual.

JSS and JWS teachers’ and helpers’ Meeting. All teachers and helpers please meet at Grace Room next Sunday, 25 June @ 11.15am. 

Choir rehearsals will resume this Thursday, 22 June @ 8.15pm.

Q3 Worship Rosters are now available at the lobby table. Those involved, please take a copy for your own reference. 

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Linda Wong and family

The Kingdom of God by Peter Tsukahira

Come and be blessed and learn from Peter Tsukahira the important message of Israel and the Kingdom of God. Peter Tsukahira, Co-Founder of Kehilat HaCarmel, an Israeli Messianic congregation, and Director of the Or HaCarmel Ministry Center has lived in Israel for 30 years. He is a graduate of CFNI (Texas) and Tufts University (Massachusetts) and holds a Master of Divinity degree. In 2000, he established the Mount Carmel School of Ministry, which has been instrumental in building strong bridges of relationship between Israel and the nations. 

Peter’s international teaching ministry and his books have impacted many around the world with an understanding of God’s heart and purposes for Israel: God’s Tsunami: Understanding Israel and End-time Prophecy (, My Father’s Business: Guidelines for Ministry in the Marketplace and Culture of the Kingdom (

Fri 30th June 8-10pm: The Biblical Significance of Israel - The One New Man

Sat 1st July 2-5pm: Law of the Spirit - Israel & the Kingdom of God

Sun 2nd July 9.15-11am: Restoring the Altar of the Lord