News and Announcements - 28 January 2018

Rev. Robert Chew is our Lord’s Messenger today.  

Sunday Bible Class (SBC) 2018 - Tim Keller's Living in a Pluralistic Society is a study on select Judges, Joseph and Daniel for 2018 and is designed for students to encounter our faithful God in the midst of our own past, present and future unfaithfulness. Calling out to all who are new to SBC, those who are not part of any bible study groups and those with a wealth of bible knowledge to share. Please visit our booth at the ground floor and Register today (for new joiners only). 

Discipleship Course 2018 - Are you seeking baptism? Would you like to know more about what our church believes? Then please register for this course at Registration will close on 26th February and the first class will start at 3pm on Sat, 3rd March. Contact Rev. Robert Chew (9710 7028) or Dn. Mervin (8533 4546) with your questions.

Washroom facilities are now also available on Sundays at the 3rd Floor: 2 in the Parsonage, 1 in the Guest Room and 1 in the Warden’s Quarters. 

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Sally Stahlmann and family