News and Announcements - 08 April 2018

Rev. Mark Tay is our Lord’s Messenger today.  

All members are strongly encouraged to attend our ACM which will be held on Sunday      22 April at 12.30pm sharp at Moriah's main sanctuary. If you have not opted for a softcopy, please collect a copy per family of the Notice and Annual Report/Financial Statement at the lobby. If you wish to have a softcopy instead of a hardcopy, please leave your name and email behind and it will be sent to you during the week. Members who opted for the softcopy should have received a copy via email. 

You are also invited to forward the questions you may have to by 18 April so that they may be properly addressed at the ACM.

Lunch will be provided for those who attend the ACM - please indicate on the lunch order form at the foyer if you need lunch.

Q2 worship rosters are available at the lobby table for all involved. Please take a copy for your own reference. Thank you.

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Sheela Jeganathan and family