News and Announcements - 29 April 2018

Dn. Mervin Lin is our Lord’s Messenger today.  

ACM 2018 — We praise and thank God for the successful conclusion of our Annual Congregational Meeting last Sunday, and the election of one Elder for SBPC and MBPC, two new deacons and three re-elected deacons for Moriah-English.

Thank God that the proposed budget 2018 was unanimously approved by the general assembly.

Church Camp 2018 — We thank God for the 170 friends and members who signed up. A shout-out to all registrants to complete the following by 6 May 2018:

1. Select your T-shirt sizes (else a size will be assigned)
2. Furnish incomplete details for all registrants
3. Settle the Camp fees (else 50% penalty will be incurred     ! ) 

Today’s floral arrangement is lovingly contributed by Mrs. Jackie Lim and family.