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A Kingdom with a very different culture

Dn. Gideon Loh

20 July 2020

The one big story of the bible is a story of redemption and restoration. Right after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin and death entered the world, determined to bring man to destruction. What was initially ‘very good’ became continually wrecked with corruption and death. Sin continues to ravel mankind in his reluctant quest to find a solution and salvation from utter destruction and condemnation.

Tracing the narrative in scripture, instances of moral and spiritual failures plagued all of humankind. Accounts of murder, idolatry, adultery, deception, unbelief and every conceivable evil filled the pages of holy scripture. Man’s best good-works looked just as good as trash.

Yet in the midst of profound darkness, God’s light of hope pierced through at the appointed time in human history. God pronounced His master plan of salvation which involved a ‘serpent-crusher’ right after the fall. God will send the One who will one day decisively and permanently defeat the devil, sin and death. We catch glimpses of the restored order of things whenever God’s people are found living in God’s place, living under God’s rule and enjoying His blessings. Since the Protoevangelium in Genesis 3, man can now look by faith to the Messiah, our Redeemer Jesus for that once-for-all liberation from all penalties of sin. Everyone who trusts God by faith for their salvation through God’s providence of the perfect Lamb of God will be rescued from the domain of darkness and be transferred into the kingdom of His Son.

Today, God is still redeeming people. He is restoring His kingdom on earth, one heart-throne at a time. Those who put their trust in God now belong to a new kingdom with Jesus as King. A new kingdom filled with people with a new nature that forms a new culture. A Kingdom Culture.

As a redeemed kingdom people, our heavenly culture is in inevitable conflict with the culture of our day.

The world celebrates the spirit of self-sufficiency, King Jesus says blessed are the poor in spirit.

The world yearns for a carefree life, King Jesus says blessed are those who mourn.

The world values assertiveness and aggression, King Jesus says blessed are the meek.

Have you wondered what it will be like to fully enjoy that blessedness found in this new kingdom culture? Can you imagine what living in that favoured position will look like? A life of flourishing, promised to those who would grow into that blessed citizen of heaven described by Jesus in the Beatitudes?

Dn. Gideon Loh

I invite you to join us to study the Beatitudes as we restart our SBC (video call) classes, starting 26 July. Do contact Geng Yu today at 9181 0932 to register.

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