Cambodia – Reacquainted

I do praise God for blessing me and the pastoral staff (Mathews and Ho Zhi Wei, youth worker) with a safe and fruitful trip to Cambodia. We left on 22 and returned on 28 November. The programme was quite straightforward:

  • 22 November. Overnight in Phnom Penh. Fellowship meetings with Sun (Paul) Sokha and Ev. Phin So Khon and a few other students from the Kampong Som Bible School.
  • 23 November. Four hour road journey to Kampong Som by van. Fellowship with Rev Moses Han, Principal of Kampong Som Bible School.
  • 24 November. Met and fellowship with the 3 evangelists and the 7 students we are currently supporting.
  • 25 and 26 November. Seminars and Bible lessons for Bible School Seniors, two combined churches, and youths (led by Zhi Wei).
  • 27 November. Preached at combined worship service (2 churches and Bible School). Travelled back to Phnom Penh by taxi for overnight to catch return flight the next day.

The Bible School is located in a fairly remote area, and comprises a collection of wooden and cement structures spread out on a rolling hillside. It currently has 40plus students, including a few from China, doing a 3-year Diploma programme. The resident teaching staff consists of Rev Moses Han, Nehemiah Hor Pon Lok, Peter, and 3 teachers from India. These are augmented by visiting teachers – people like us.

The church supports 3 young evangelists, pastoring separate 3 congregations:

  • Phin So Khon and wife; Sambo BPC. Congregation size: 50 adults and 60 youths
  • Nehemiah Hor Pon Lok, Kg. Som BPC, located within the premises of the Bible School. Congregation size: about 30 plus 15 youth workers from a nearby factory.
  • Rithy Lee and wife; Smachdeng BPC. Congregation size: 15 adults, 16 youths, and 60 children.
  • The church also provides small bursaries to 7 students of the School.

General Observations. The mission outreach is very resource-limited and needs long-term assistance and support to develop. Relevant Bible-teaching resources will be identified and send to them. They have the capabilities in-house to translate these to Cambodian.

Pastor Robert Chew

November 29, 2011