Looking For Happiness?

If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered -- John 15:6 From the numerous requests I regularly receive from members for prayers (for which I am honoured to comply), I’m drawn to the conclusion that our work-stretched, time-starved, and emotionally-stressed members are not high on the happiness scale. Difficult and problematic relationships are also contributing factors.

By God’s grace, I came across Christian author, L. Swindoll’s recommendation, Simple Secrets to a Happy Life, which I’m most pleased to share with you. I hope this will help you climb up the happiness scale.

Swindoll asserts that it is possible to live a happy life -- if you learn to focus on some simple things that have eternal value. Here are some of them.

- Be on time for everything. Showing up on time lets others know that you care about them and that they can really trust you to be responsible and fully engaged in relationships with them. - Take Jesus with you everywhere. When you remind yourself to focus on the reality of God’s presence with you in every situation, you can experience peace that will make you happy. - Let people know you care, but carefully. Don’t neglect caring for the people you sense God calling you to help, but be sure to take care of your own needs in the process. You can derive happiness both from seeing how your efforts help people in need, and from making sure that your own needs are met. - Keep your word every time. When you live with complete integrity by always saying what you mean doing what you say, you’ll naturally enjoy happy relationships with other people. - Read your Bible every day. When you give yourself a daily dose of the words of life that the Bible contains, you can experience all the blessings – including happiness – that come from absorbing those words into your soul. - Accept events as they happen. Don’t let life’s unexpected events steal your happiness. Instead, accept them as they happen, trusting God to do what’s best through them and serving God no matter what. When you do, you’ll experience the happiness of seeing God fulfil good purposes from any event. - Focus on what’s important now. You can feel happiest when you’re fully engaged in what God wants you to focus on during each particular moment in time. Live consciously – alert to God’s presence with you and guidance for you – so you won’t miss fully experiencing each moment that God gives you. - Think before you say it. Avoiding the regret that comes from speaking carelessly will make you happy. Keep in mind that words contain great power to bring about either good or evil. So carefully consider your words before you talk. - Get doctrine under your belt. Get to know biblical truths well and apply them regularly to your life; when you do, you can be happy because you’ll be approaching life from the right perspective.

Happily in Christ, Pastor Robert Chew