Nepal - Blessings From Learning Together

A brief report on our Mission Trip to Nepal from April 23 to 27, 2012 WHEN we started to plan for the trip, Pastor Dil Tamang, our gospel partner in Nepal, suggested that we hold a Bible Conference, to which he could invite all the grass-roots pastors from various parts of Nepal to attend. The group photo on the left, taken on the last day of the conference, shows all those who attended. It was a real source of joy to fellowship with them; knowing that some had to undertake arduous trips to attend. How does, hiking for two days, combined with an 18-hour journey in a rickety bus with hard seats and no air-conditioning sound to you?

Pastor Mark and I were blessed and encouraged by their zeal and devotion. We had a great time of learning and fellowshipping: and, indeed, were refreshed and encouraged by one another. The principals from the 3 Bible Training Centres, in Surkhet (Mid-West), Dhankuta (East Nepal), and Kathmandu, and some current students from the latter centre were able to join us. All in, 35 soldiers and future soldiers of the Lord attended the conference. The post-conference feedbacks were all very positive; but I believe one of the chief blessings we were able to facilitate was the gift to all attendees of a locally published bible dictionary - translated from Don Fleming’s. We could literally see the joy in their faces when these were presented to them. It turns out that the dictionary is the only other resource, besides the bible, the grass-roots pastors will have when they return to their remote villages to help them minister the gospel. This is what Pastor Mark Tay has to say about the trip. This is my first mission trip to Nepal, labouring together with Pastor Robert in the gospel. It was a joy to teach these grassroots pastors and bible school students. As Pastor Robert had written above, these pastors and students made the arduous trip just to learn more about the pastoral ministry from the epistle of First Timothy. They came to learn so that they could in turn be better able to shepherd their own flocks more effectively. Both of us took turns to share through our capable Nepalese translators. What a blessing it was when we saw their hunger to “devour” God’s word and their eagerness to learn! One feedback from them was that they would like a much longer conference. They did not mind the long journey, the language barrier and the long hours sitting in a cramped church hall not much bigger than any HDB living room. But they wanted to spend more time with us in fellowship and encouragement. I see the potential of our mission involvement in Nepal. If we could adequately equip these pastors to do the work, we will see many more churches both in the cities and remote villages being established by these pastors! God has indeed guided our church to help these indigenous people so that this potential could be realized. Our part is to do the training, equipping and empowering of these pastors and grassroots leaders to do the work. “And the things that thou has heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” (2 Tim. 2: 2) Pray for our mission work in Nepal (and elsewhere, of course) that we may be faithful and equal to the task He has entrusted us with. We thank God for each and every one of you who have participated in this work both by your prayers and financial support. Revs. Robert Chew and Mark Tay