Northern Thailand Mission Trip Report

The trip from 15 -21 August 2012 was undertaken by Rev. Chai, Elder and Mrs. Gary Tay and Mr. Kenny Khoo. The Purpose was: • To complete the purchase transaction of the land at Mae Chan Church • Fellowship and worship with and preach at our missionary church in Mae Chan

Summary • Several issues surfaced at the final negotiations to conclude the transaction; these include... – different opinions on the stated price of the land – different legal opinions between our Thai lawyer and the Land Office Officer – foreigners were not to be seen to be the direct purchasers of land in Thailand (see below)

• Through the mediation of Rev. Yan, pastor of Mae Chan Church, the differences between the Thai lawyer and the Land Office were finally settled, and full and final payment was made for the purchase of the land.

• This asset, which will be used by the church to expand and enhance the ministry in North Thailand, is held by the Moriah BP Church’s Foundation (Moleya Foundation) in Thailand, which is controlled by us.

• With the main purpose successfully concluded, the team were able to do the following:

– visit and preached at the Lahu (a hill tribe) ministry, pastored by Evangelist Saul and his wife, son-in-law and daughter. In the evening, a fellowship meeting was conducted in a home. Using the Parable of the Talents, Eld. Tay encourage them in their stewardship; the message was translated into Lahu dialect. The new Mission Sponsorship Program was shared and explained to them. – a thanksgiving service was held on the fourth night at Mae Chan to thank God for his goodness and grace to provide the land for the church’s use. The sermon shared by Eld. Tay from Ps. 127: 1-5 was to encourage them in the truth that the Lord is the builder of His House. He took the opportunity to encourge the brethren in their faith and stewardship. – Rev. Chai ministered the word on Sunday (Day 5) worship service, adult Sunday school and the Chinese ministry; visited Deacon Zhang Shu Ming; and participated in a family worship service hosted by Pr. Yang Shuxian, which was attended by more than 25 Burmese workers/worshippers residing in Thailand.

Conclusion • We thank God for the sccessful conclusion of the land purchase which, starting with the formation of the Moleya Foundation, had been in the pipeline for many years. • We also praise God for the growth and blessings of the gospel outreaches in North Thailand which we have been involved in for more than 15 years.

Pastor Chai MH and Elder Gary Tay