Pastoral Letter to All Members and Friends of Moriah BP Church

2 December 2012

Dearly Beloved,

The church’s prayer life and our own personal prayerfulness have always been a burden on my heart. I write to share this burden with you.

Since our founding we have been faithful over the years to hold a weekly central prayer meeting on every – well, almost every – Wednesday night. We are deeply grateful to God for the few regulars who faithfully and diligently attend these meetings to pray with us. We have experienced much joy and blessing to see God wonderfully working in our midst.

However, I realize that holding these prayer meetings mid-week, while it has its own advantages, places an additional burden on your busy, activity-packed weekly schedules. Because of this, I believe attending a mid-week central prayer meeting did not quite make it to the top of your agendas.

With the hope of raising the level of our prayerfulness and participation in corporate prayers, we will move the corporate prayer time to Sundays to start, in the main church sanctuary, half an hour before pre-worship singing (that is, at 8.45AM) on January 13, 2013. To participate in this enriching ministry all that is required of you is to come 30 minutes earlier on the Lord’s Day.

To set the style and establish the format I will lead these prayer sessions in the initial month of January. Thereafter, other prayer leaders would be scheduled for this ministry. The prayer leader, sitting and praying with you in the pews, will prompt the prayer items, and you can pray quietly and privately by yourself, or you can prearrange to sit with your regular prayer partner to pray together. You will not, unless you volunteer yourself, be asked to pray publicly.

We encourage you confidently, freely and continuously to submit items of thanksgiving and prayer requests to the pastoral office (Amanda Tam) or to me. If you wish to remain anonymous, please do indicate so with your requests and we’ll pray generically for you. Prayer Request Slips and a collection box would also be made available at the Lobby Table for your use.

The Lord said that His hand “is upon all them for good that seek him” (Ezra 8:22). I pray that you would resolve to put participation in corporate prayer at the top of your resolutions for the New Year. And I pray that you would plan to start your worship on the Lord’s Day by coming 30 minutes earlier to join us in calling on and seeking the Lord together.

Sincerely in Christ, Pastor Robert