Will He Find Us Watching?

Right now there is fighting in the Middle-East between the Palestinians and Israelis. We read and watch the news in our social media. Leaders of the world are now trying to broker a peace deal before it escalates beyond control. As Christians, what should be our response to this present crisis? I will not go into the theological discussions regarding the timing of Christ’s return. However, I want to put this current event in the right perspective in relation to our hope in Christ.

Both countries have been fighting for many years and have tried many times to negotiate a peace settlement which has eluded them thus far. And each time when the ceasefire seems to hold, the next moment the fragile peace is shattered. And here is where the danger lies for us.

We can take this ongoing fighting as another hiccup in the peace process. We can also become so used to it that we take for granted that peace will eventually be restored. But, will the truce hold? Will this fighting trigger the event which will bring about the coming of our Lord?

Our Lord warns that there will be wars and rumor of wars before His return (Matt. 24: 6). He exhorts us to heed His warnings and be watchful and vigilant for His coming (Matt. 24: 42). To be vigilant, we must not take lightly of what’s happening around us especially in the Middle-East. Patrick O’ Driscoll reported that Dave Boon’s car was swept over the guardrail of the highway in Denver, Colorado by an avalanche.

“For Boon, the experience was a reminder that warnings and hints of danger need to be respected. The signs read, ‘Avalanche Area, No Stopping,’ he said. ‘We’ve driven by that place hundreds of times. We’ve skied avalanche chutes, worn beepers, always carried an avalanche shovel. We’ve seen avalanches. But in our wildest dreams, we never imagined getting hit in a car by one.’” (USA, Today, January 8, 2007)

Another lesson we can learn from the current situation is that we must always be spiritually prepared so that we will not be caught by surprise when our Lord comes. We cannot give the excuse that we have not been warned.

Finally, we must be diligent and faithful to serve our Lord and not be found wanting of the task before us (Matt. 24: 45-51).

May this hymn remind us daily to be vigilant and watchful.

When Jesus comes to reward His servants, whether it be noon or night, Faithful to Him will He find us watching, with our lamps all trimmed and bright?

Have we been true to the trust He left us? Do we seek to do our best? If in our hearts there is naught condemns us, we shall have a glorious rest.

Blessed are those whom the Lord finds watching, in His glory they shall share; If He shall come at the dawn or midnight, will He find us watching there?

O can we say we are ready, brother? Ready for the soul’s bright home? Say, will He find you and me still watching, waiting when the Lord shall come? ~ Fanny J Crosby

Rev. Mark Tay