Myanmar Visit—Equipping for The Gospel

WE SPENT the better part of last week in Yangon, Myanmar, a city rapidly undergoing change, with motor vehicles, pedestrians and hawkers of all kinds of trinkets on wooden planks, competing for space on its busy streets. As part of our vision to proclaim or cause to be proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ, we embarked on the teaching mission trip, taking with us, the following “equipping” help and support.

Bibles. We had sent some funds for the purchase of bibles for the students in the bible school you see on the left. In addition, we also hand carried 25 more with us on our visit. These passed through customs safely and without any problems. Thank God. • Laptops. Three used laptops for the bible school, formally known as the Biblical Institute of Theology. One of the laptops was installed with a modern bible study app to aid the teachers and students in in-depth study.

Further funds, privately donated by individuals, for medicine, for the completion of two toilets (currently stalled due to lack of funds), painting and lighting for the worship sanctuary, and better lunch meals for the students, which currently consists of only (heaps of) rice and vegetable soup. • Bible Lessons. We taught basic Christian doctrine and application to the students in the bible school. • Yangon Theological Seminary. A side trip was also undertaken to visit and fellowship with YTS, from which, Pastor Ai Kham Ko (the evangelist we support) graduated. Mr Jeffrey Tan spent most of the week here fellowshipping and worshipping with the students.

A day trip was taken to visit Pastor Ai Kham Ko (on the left in the left picture). Pastor Ai ministers in a house-church in a Cyclone Nargis-hit village. The 2008 cyclone killed (in Myanmar alone) more than 84,000 people with more than 53,000 still missing and unaccounted for. The church was started in 2005 and today has more than 35 worshippers, mostly from the cyclone-ravaged, poverty-stricken village.

In this vast land of gentle people, barefooted monks, and grinding poverty, our missionary effort is no more than a drop of water in an ocean of ignorance. But with your prayers and support, we pray that it will keep the light burning. In Christ, Pastor Robert Chew