Prayers Put into Action

We are truly grateful to God for hearing our prayers and granting us the grace to put into action our desires to obey Him with regard to the Great Commission. About a year and half ago, we put in motion a new mission policy – the Mission Sponsors Program (MSP) – designed to open the mission work for direct participation of our members, individually or as a group (like the Home Care Groups), or by congregations. The enthusiasm and the increased support and participation received from our members are very encouraging. Some sponsors have visited the evangelists and gospel stations they support, some are planning visits this year or early next year, and participation in the program is expanding at a prudent pace.

Today, we are pleased to report an additional enhancement to the program which we believe is a direct answer to our prayers.

Sister Lilian Ong from our Sembawang congregation, in response to a strong conviction, is offering herself to be a full-time missioner to the Riau Archipelago. She has resigned from full-time work in Teen Challenge (a church-based organization ministering to problem youths and offenders released from jail) to devote herself fully to evangelism in the Riau Archipelago, starting in Batam Island.

In the worship service today in Sembawang, Pastor Robert will be officiating at the appointment of sister Lilian Ong as our missioner to the Riau islands as well as giving the Lord’s message.

Thank God, Lilian will not be starting from zero; by His providence, she has a good number of friends and contacts in Batam, who are excited and eagerly looking forward to join her in starting up the mission outreach there.

Lilian writes…

I gave my life to the Lord in my early twenties … After my conversion, I felt God’s call to serve Him. I was a full-time staff in the Church I was attending in the eighties. When I visited the Riau islands, I found that many Chinese Indonesians had opened hearts toward the Lord. I determined then that I would love to live and serve the Lord among these precious people for the rest of my life. My burden for the people remained in my heart all these years. Two years ago, I came to Sembawang BP Church. I felt so at home and welcomed by members of the Church. I was once invited to share my testimony in a home fellowship and was overjoyed when later I was informed that Sembawang BPC wanted to have a part in fulfilling my desire to serve Him. I truly praise God for this. I count it a privilege to be a member of this Church and so blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Lord together with all of you.

Let us rejoice together and uphold Lilian in our prayers for God’s abundant blessings on her and the work to which God has called her.

Pastors Robert Chew and Mark Tay