Why you should attend this year’s Church Camp

I write to encourage you and your family to attend this year’s church camp. I urge you to make every effort to do so. And why should you? The simple short answer is because what has been planned to be presented at this year’s camp is different, interesting, and not ordinary. We may not have another chance to do this same thing again! Let me explain.

God calls the land that He promised Abraham and his descendants a “land of delight” (Mal 3:12). It is also described as “a good and broad land … flowing with milk and honey.” (Exo 3:8)

“Milk and honey” in the land are metaphors – symbols of God’s providence and provisions – that He will make available for His people. After all, He chose the land; He prepared the land; and, He led His people to that land!

Therefore, getting to know the land, its history, its geography and its culture will reveal a lot about God and His love and care for His people. This in a nutshell is what this camp is all about. We will learn how to wait on God through knowledge of the geography and history of the Promised Land. Using a series of messages, Dr. John Beck, our camp speaker and an expert on the Promised Land, will make the Bible come alive for you. You see, the Bible is not merely history – it is purposeful history – for it teaches us how to live. Its message is embedded in the everyday lives of the people who lived in the land. Knowing this land makes the biblical message more potent. Abraham was called to this land. Moses and Joshua led the Israelites here. David and others built kingdoms here. In biblical times, this small and insecure region served as God’s testing ground of faith where saint and sinner struggled against internal upheaval and external threats. Personal or national existence could never be taken for granted, and the people of Israel were called to live by faith.

We too are called to live by faith today.

You see, “the good, the broad, and the delightful land” does not possess the natural resources on which a nation could be built. The prosperity of the people of the land depends entirely on them waiting – faithfully and trustingly – on God. They get to know God through knowing and understanding the geography and history of the land.

The aim of this camp is to raise the same knowledge and understanding for you. This will help you to better wait on God. So, I invite you to register now for the camp … don’t wait to learn how to wait on God.

Pastor Robert Chew