Pastoral Letter to all ....

the beloved in Christ in Moriah (English and Mandarin) and Sembawang on the occasion of Moriah’s sixteenth anniversary thanksgiving service on 13 July 2014.

Dearly Beloved,

On this occasion I would like to, on behalf of the Session and myself, invite you to join me to offer our sincere thanksgiving to the Lord our God for this anniversary celebration and to renew our zeal and dedication to God our Saviour.

We know that because of His love for the Church, Christ gave Himself for it. The reason for Him doing so is that He might “present it to himself a glorious church” without “spot”, or “wrinkle”, but that it should be “holy and without blemish”. (Eph 5:27).

We should play our part. We must submit to be sanctified and cleansed “with the washing of water by the word” (Eph 5:26). This is needed to prepare the Church for presentation to Christ in glory. There are defects to be remedied and wounds to be healed. And we need to do this together.

The Church is a large “body” with many needs; and for its well-being and common good, it can be made efficient by the means of many things. There is need of wisdom and knowledge, of guidance, of teaching; love must be shown, mercy must be exercised, etc.

The Good Lord has blessed us with one body and “many members” – eyes, ears, hands, and feet – to use the Apostle Paul’s analogy. These gifts are given to us not solely for our enjoyment, but are to be applied to particular tasks, callings, and offices. They cannot be used for God’s glory when they are used selfishly.

There should not be in Jesus’s Church, merely a few “leaders” and a cast of hundreds of mere “followers”. It is not a place for idle believers. In His Church every believer has a calling, a task, a vital charge. And it is reasonable to be convicted by the fact that the King has laid upon each of us these tasks to be performed in the service of the Church.

Jesus knows what His Church needs. He has placed you here to work towards fulfilling those needs. Hence, may I on this occasion ask you to renew your love for Christ and by His grace, pledge your service to Him.

May the Lord bless you, one and all, in Christ.

Pastor Robert Chew