The Good News and Change

We seem to want to protect everything we own. We have gates and security guards to our condos and flats. We put alarms in our cars to ward off unwanted intruders. We protect our laptops and mobile devices with clever passwords, even software on our hand-phones that if stolen can lead police to the thief!

Why is this so? I think it is because we don’t want to be hurt. We want to fend off tragedy and pain and sorrow as long as we can. So, we convince ourselves that if we are careful enough, if we take the right steps to keep things from changing, we can keep things just the way we want them. It seems to me that we dread change.

Correct and proper embracing of the right change can be good for us. For example, many of us are so closed in on ourselves that we never experience the wonderful changes that the New Testament tells us about.

The Apostle Paul proclaimed the good news that everything is changing! And he gets very specific about these changes: to those who felt empty and vulnerable, Paul said that in Christ the God who fills everything has filled you (Col. 2:9-10). To those who felt as if they were simply enduring a living death, Paul said that the God who raised Jesus from the dead has made you alive (Col. 2:12-13). To those who felt burdened with the guilt of a life that had gone astray, Paul said that the God who in Jesus cancelled all debts on the cross has extended to you complete and total forgiveness (Col. 2:13-14). 

Those are just the highlights — truly Paul was convinced that in and through our Saviour Jesus Christ, God is in the process of changing everything! The Bible commentator, Gale A. Yee in “The Book of Hosea” (New Interpreter’s Bible) says, “It is a change no less radical than the one promised by the prophet Hosea: those to whom it was said, ‘Not my people’ will be changed into ‘Children of the living God’” (Hos. 1:10).

God is in the process of changing you and me. For some, this may be the best news anyone can give us. The benefits can best be accrued to those of us who are most open and submitted to God for His transforming work to work. We just need to give Him our “stony heart” for Him to replace it with a “heart of flesh.”

Pastor Robert Chew