Reflection on Psalm 119 : 1—8

How to be happy 

Are you happy? The boys and girls might be happy because it is the start of the school holidays; you might be happy because you’re looking forward to a holiday. But are you really happy this morning?

Being happy seems to be something that’s here now, and quickly disappears, for example, when the credit card bill lands in your mailbox so how can we be happy? 

Where do we find it? How do we keep it? 

So you might be asking yourself - what has that got to do with being happy? Have a look at the very first word of the Psalm - what is that word? ‘BLESSED’. 

It’s one of those words we talk about and use often, but what does it really mean? 
It’s all about being HAPPY, receiving from the Lord. 

So true happiness comes from receiving from the Lord, from being blessed. 

Indeed ‘Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk according to the law of the LORD.’