Are You Using Your Gift?

Recently I read “New Guidebook for Pastors” by James W. Bryant and Mac Brunson. In the chapter, ‘The Pastor and His Preparation,’ the authors challenge every pastor to discover his own spiritual gift(s) listed in Romans 12:6-8. I realize that I could not do God’s work without divine gifts. However, this challenge is not only for pastors but for every member of the church. Christians must discover and exercise their spiritual gifts if they were to function, grow and glorify God in the world. Imagine a woman holding a tray of food who is tripped by a microphone cord that was not securely taped across the floor. She stumbles and nearly falls, dropping her tray in the process. Seven people with the seven different spiritual gifts spring into action.

“The person with the gift of prophecy says, ‘The person who taped down the microphone cord should have been more careful, and you should have been more careful too.’ The person with the gift of service says, ‘Let me clean it up.’ The person with the gift of teaching says, ‘The tape should have been put down more securely. If you had lifted your foot up just an inch higher this would not have happened.’ The person with the gift of exhorting says, ‘Get up. Come on. Let’s try it again. I know you can do it right this time.’ The person with the gift of giving says, ‘Let me buy you another meal.’ The one with the gift of mercy says, ‘You poor thing. Are you hurt?’ The person with the gift of leading says, ‘George, get a broom. Mack, get a mop. Steve, get her another meal. Mary, help her over to the table.’ It takes all seven of these gifts to make a church in the likeness of Christ.”

In the words of John MacArthur, “The Church should emphasize ministry for every individual believer. Church leadership shouldn’t recruit their members to do something out of legal obligation that they are not really motivated or gifted to do. Rather, the leadership should develop its members along the lines that the Spirit has gifted them. Aggressive, active, ministering people make a successful church.”

It is my prayer that our church will diligently apply the gifts God had blessed us with. Let’s not be guilty of burying our talents and thereby fail to use them for the glory of God and the edification of His Church.

Are you making full use of your gifts for the Kingdom of Christ?

Rev. Mark Tay