Your Mission To The World

By God’s grace, we are holding our ACM this Sunday. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you what the basic pastoral roles of the church are in the hope that you will subscribe and support them.1  

There are five fundamental roles for the church and its leaders.


First, to lead to Christ our Lord and into his communion those who are still estranged from him, whether through carnal excess or false worship.

Second, to restore those who had once been brought to Christ and into his church but have been drawn away again through the affairs of the flesh or false doctrine.

Third, to assist in the true reformation of those who while remaining in the church of Christ have grievously fallen and sinned.

Fourth, to re-establish in true Christian strength and health those who, while persevering in the fellowship of Christ and not doing anything particularly or grossly wrong, have become somewhat feeble and sick in the Christian life.

Fifth, to protect from all offense and falling away and continually encourage in all good things those who stay within the flock and in Christ’s sheep-pen without grievously sinning or becoming weak and sick in their Christian walk


I find several things noteworthy in the above.

  • The author’s emphasis on evangelism. He comes back to this time after time: the work of the church is to seek the lost.
  • The church and all its leaders must seek the lost, bring back the wandering, restore the fallen, strengthen the weak, and encourage the strong.
  • The author’s focus—the church’s ministry must be all about the people—on the people who need our help.


Let’s all, as one family in Christ, work together in the next church calendar year to fulfil these roles.


Pastor Robert Chew


1 This is adapted from Concerning the True Care of Souls by Martin Bucer, Banner of Truth.