Reflection on Exodus 34:29-35

The responsive reading on this Lord’s Day is taken from Exodus 34:29-35. Chapter 34 narrates the story of Moses’ journey up the mountain of God to write, on previously cut stone tablets, the Ten Commandments God gave him and the people of Israel. These commandments are also interestingly referred to as the “testimony”, the “covenant” between God and Moses and with Israel (vs. 27, 28)

He went up the mountain alone and spent forty days and forty nights, fasting the whole time, as he communed with God. When Moses came down with the "Testimony" in his hands, the glory of God was reflected on his face. Scripture says the “skin of his face shone” (v. 29). It shone “because he had been talking with God”.

When we commune with God and can get as close to the Almighty as Moses did, God's glory will be reflected not only on the skin of our faces but also in our lives. A couple of lessons for me.

First, the Bible do encourage public prayer. However, the closest communion with God is realized only when we seek Him alone. We can't be exalted in holiness or service if we don't climb to the mountain-top to be alone with God and to behold His glory.

Second, the sweet commune with God-basking in His glorious goodness, grace and love, will change us as we behold His glory.

Third, the chief reason for desiring to know God must be that we may glorify Him in serving others.