Reflection : Obedient And Vindicated

“Behold the Lord GOD will help me; who is he that shall condemn me?” ~ Isaiah 50:9a

In this short passage of Isaiah, which is known as the third Servant Song, we can clearly see Jesus in his full human form, as the obedient, suffering servant who is finally vindicated. 

Jesus, though God himself, allowed himself to be taught by God the Father in order to comfort others and he learned about God the Father’s will for him morning by morning. He obediently listened, did not rebel and did not turn away from God. He suffered but did not retaliate and instead stood tall with dignity in the face of mockery and beatings. He was extremely focused on doing God the Father’s will to the very end, believing in the justice of God and confident that he would be finally vindicated because the Sovereign  God is by his side.

As we go into the Passion week, may we be reminded of the suffering of Christ for us and his victory at the Cross on account of his obedience and trust in God the Father’s will. Likewise, we can be confident that if we seek and do God’s will, God is here for us and not against us.