From A Sharp Razor, a devotion taken from Daily Bible Devotions on Psalm 52...

The welcome team counted the number of people who attended our 18th-anniversary thanksgiving and baptism service and reported that a total of 493 attended. This gives us cause for thanksgiving and praise—we were indeed bursting at the seams. 

From the pulpit we could see members of the welcome team hastily adding rows of chairs to accommodate the worshippers. We are truly grateful for this blessing, and for the joy of participating in the sacrament of baptism and reaffirmation of faith we were able to conduct for brethren from the Chinese and English congregations.

And on Tuesday last, we were blessed with a well-attended and well-presented seminar on Virtuous Listening--How to listen your way to healthy relationships. 

God’s goodness was abundantly displayed in Moriah this last week.

From A Sharp Razor, a devotion taken from Daily Bible Devotions on Psalm 52 (our responsive reading this week) we read:

The Psalmist, in Psalm 52 compares the tongue to a sharp razor. Can anything be more true that this in the 21st Century? What does man love more than anything? Man loves to cut others to shreds with his tongue. More than one life has been ruined by the deceitfulness of someone's sharp tongue.

What about in Christian circles? Surely this is not the case, is it? Sadly, many a Christian has been devoured by the sharp razor of another Christian's tongue! Why is that? What causes us to be so thoughtless of one another?

In the end, it always comes down to the root of pride, does it not? Is not this the same sin which caused the downfall of Adam and Eve? As a matter of fact, is this not the sin that caused the downfall of Lucifer? In our foolish pride, we condemn the actions of others so that we might look better in the eyes of those to whom we are speaking. Yet, in doing so, we are showing that we, too, love evil more than good.

God will deal with the proud. They are those who choose not to walk with Jesus. They have not made Jesus their strength. They trust instead only in themselves. 

However, In spite of what the wicked do around us, it is so very important that we pray for their salvation. We know their end; we know that God will deal with them. No matter how much we think we want them to pay for what they have done, we must remember that we would be right there with them except for the grace of God. 

Pastor Robert Chew