How are those who needed mercy being blessed?

How are those who needed mercy being blessed?

The 5th beatitude says the merciful will be blessed. I’m distressed by how this could be applied now to our Christian friends in Nepal.

Rev. Yap Beng Shin and I was in Nepal just last week; we went at the request of the Singapore Council of Christian Churches to review how the earthquake relief funds, collected last year from Bible-Presbyterian churches were used. All the funds we sent so far have been disbursed for the rebuilding of homes, churches and schools. But most of the projects are not yet completed. This means the mercy intended were not yet fully realized for the people who most needed it.

Continuing natural disasters (devastating floods and  mudslides), material shortages, extremely poor road conditions and remoteness of locations are contributing factors to the tardy progress. 

The two biggest factors however, are mindless red tape and official active opposition to programs undertaken by Christians.

How could those who want to show mercy be a blessing if the mercy is obstinately obstructed from flowing through?

On the very day we arrived, a killer flood and mudslide swept through some villages, killing dozens—including family members of two pastors—and destroying churches and homes; thus, increasing the need for more mercy to be shown.

Beloved, I invite you to earnestly pray with us for the people and country of Nepal. 

Rev. Robert Chew