The Reason For The Season

As I was thinking about the Christmas season, I was reminded of God’s work in the lives of Eunice, a believer and Amy, a pre-believer. 

Amy, a housewife in Batam, recently expressed her desire to become a Christian. A few years back, her husband had fallen into deep financial troubles which forced him to run from his creditors. Abandoned by her husband, she worked as a private taxi operator in order to make ends meet. A friend introduced Amy to Lilian. Over the months, Amy drove Lilian around to do visitation work in her taxi. Having observed Lilian’s life and coming in contact with Lilian’s friends and church people, she was convinced of the reality of Jesus Christ. She told Lilian that she wanted to become a Christian. Please pray for Amy that she will soon come to know the Lord.  
The other person is Eunice who lives in Tanjong Balai with her older sister and family. Eunice was raised in a Christian home. Her parents, came to know the Lord in the 1980s. From young, Eunice and her siblings followed their parents in the Christian faith. Recently she came to know a young man who seemed to show interest in the gospel. He attended Eunice’s church regularly. Over time, they got to know each other and seriously considered marriage. One day the young man arranged for Eunice to meet his parents who were ancestor worshippers. Her future parents-in-law told her that once she is married to their son, she could not go to church anymore but she is expected to follow their customs and worship their ancestors etc. When her turn came to speak, she told the boy’s parents that she will not under any circumstances stop worshipping Jesus or stop going to church. Though she may come from a poor home, yet she had never gone hungry or had to beg. The Lord always provided for them. With that answer, she called off the marriage.  What a bold witness for Christ! The young man’s parents could never get away with such a testimony. Eunice’s radiant faith showed them what it means to love God so supremely that she is willing to give up marriage for her Saviour!  The above testimonies underscore two reasons why Jesus was born. 

First, He came so that Amy and others like her may come to know Him and have eternal life.  

Second, Jesus came so that Eunice and others like her could show the world that Jesus Christ is worth dying for. 

Let us during this season of Advent, point the world to our Saviour who was “Born that man no more may die/ Born to raise the sons of earth/ Born to give them second birth.” 

Rev. Mark Tay