Moriah B-P Church Cambodia Mission Trip 2017

Kampong Thom - Phnom Penh (10th to 15th March)

In the afternoon of the 10th of March 2017, a group of 6 (Rev Robert, Dn Kenny, Maverick, Lee Lee, Angeline Lau and Janice), led by Rev Robert Chew, left for the city of Siem Reap to begin our 6-day mission trip to Cambodia. From Siem Reap, it was a 3-hour long ride to Kampong Thom province. We thank God for journey mercies and a relatively smooth ride. 
By the time we reached the hotel, it was evening and after a quick dinner, we rested early for the night to prepare for our busy schedule ahead. 
The next morning, we headed to the church in Sombor, which is helmed by Pastor Sokhon and his wife Chovvy. There, we got a tour of the church as well as the Sombor dormitory, and also got to visit Kampong Cheuteel Institute of Technology (previously known merely as Kampong Cheuteel High School).  
This is the school where the dormitory students study at, and it was an eye-opening experience to visit the various facilities on campus. It was a timely reminder about how blessed we are in Singapore, with top-notch education! 

Upon our return to the church, Maverick shared his testimony with the students, which was simple yet powerful. Thereafter, Janice led the students in a lesson on testimony writing. We praise God that it was well-received, and the students participated enthusiastically in preparing and sharing their testimonies with the rest of their peers. 

The next day, being Sunday, Rev Robert delivered the message to the congregation during Sunday service. Personally, it was heartening to see the students all dressed in their Sunday best for service, and attentively jotting down notes from the sermon. At the same time, Angeline, Lee Lee and Janice led the village children in Sunday School activities – singing songs, sharing the story of Noah’s Ark, and engaging the children in simple art & craft.  

Before the service, the team, led by Pastor Sokhon and assisted by some of the youths in the church, embarked on a round of village evangelism. We visited a number of homes in the Sombor village and it was very humbling to hear their stories. We could see God’s hand working in their lives, granting them courage even in the face of persecution in their village and it was encouraging to see them holding on to their faith no matter how difficult their circumstances. It was truly a privilege to be invited into their homes and to be able to pray for them. 

In the afternoon, Janice led the students in a session on writing emails, and Lee Lee shared on being an effective listener. We pray that through our efforts, we will have enhanced the students’ communication skills, so that they may be effective testimonies to those around them. 

The next morning, we set off bright and early for Phnom Penh, where we were going to conduct the Pastors’ Conference. After a 4-hour journey on the road, we reached Pastor Sokha Sun’s church in Phnom Penh. There, we also had the privilege of meeting up with the other Cambodian pastors supported by Moriah, namely Pastor Rithy and Pastor Nehemiah, who had travelled to Phnom Penh all the way from Kampong Som, together with their families. 
That night, we were blessed to be able to have hearty fellowship over dinner with all the 4 pastors and their families. Engaging in conversation with them, it was heartwarming to see their desire to carry out the Great Commission, and to live by faith alone. 

The following morning, Rev Robert led the fellow pastors in a session on Inductive Study Methods for leaders. This was followed by Lee Lee sharing on soft skills for leaders (such as counselling), and Angeline sharing on tips to teach young children. 

We also had time to engage in fellowship and interact with our Cambodian brethren during lunch and tea breaks, as these were all held in the church. Through the sessions, we really got to learn so much more about the struggles and the needs of the leaders, and we also got a chance to pray for and with them. 

On the final day, all the pastors took turns to share about their visions and plans for their various churches. It was a joy to see them so on fire for the Lord, and we took turns to pray, that God’s will may indeed be done in Cambodia. Deacon Kenny rounded up the session by sharing about leadership self-evaluation, which we pray will be useful for the leaders as they return home and minister to their congregations. 

Report by: Janice Jeganathan

Testimonies from some of our members… 

“In Cambodia, we fellowshipped as one family of God, all equal as children of God.  God’s hand at work was present in all I saw and heard. Hearing their struggles, I felt their faith. Seeing their hardship, I saw their hope in God.  As it says in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is being of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. Their strong faith in God made me feel small in my own faith and it made me draw closer to God. I sincerely will plead for all to make time to step up and do mission work and be a witness to God’s glory. God’s glory cannot be read nor talked about to understand clearly. It must be experienced.” - Maverick

“For this mission trip, I was blessed by the members who extended their care and concern and also the sharing from God’s word during our daily team morning devotions. I learnt that I must be ready at any time to be a vessel fit for the Lord’s use. I do pray that the Lord will continue to bless all the four pastors, Paul Sokha, Sokhon, Nehemiah, Rithy, and their families, in Cambodia as they carry out the great commission that Jesus has commanded in Matthew 28:16-20.” - Angeline 

“One thing I find most amazing about this trip is this: I thought that I was going to bless the people in Cambodia, but I am the one who is most blessed! It is such a privilege to serve, and God’s presence and His grace shown to us during the trip was so generous!” - Lee Lee