A Fresh Understanding of God’s Call 

In last week’s bulletin, Pastor Robert urged us to pray for our youths who left Singapore to do mission work with our gospel partners in Cambodia.  Indeed, it is heartening to know that 18 of our youths from Moriah are working with other serious-minded youths in three churches— Phnom Penh, Smachdeng, and Kompong Som!   

It is my prayer that the Lord of the harvest would send more of our youths out into the harvest fields. This calls for a fresh understanding of God’s call.   

First, the call of God is primarily to salvation rather than to an occupation. In today’s society, however, a calling is synonymous with a person’s occupation.  But for Christians, our calling comes from our identity as children of God. We are first called to Jesus Christ and then called to do something for Him.  

Second, this calling is all-embracing since it includes work, service in church, family life, neighbourhood, civic responsibility, care of creation, mission in the world and personal holiness. Simply put, the Christian vocation is God’s call to live for the praise of His glory (Eph. 1:12, 14) and to serve God’s purposes in every context of life. 

Finally, in the Bible, there is only one call of God that comes to God’s people, but this call has three dimensions to it: (1) to belong; (2) to be and (3) to do. 

This is true both for Israel and the Church. In the OT, Israel was called to belong to God as a chosen people, live as a covenant community in holiness, justice and mercy, and serve God’s purposes in the world through missionary outreach and holy living.  

In the NT, God’s call is both individual and corporate. Individually we are called to belong to God through salvation, live holy lives and serve God. This means that each of us is led by God and called to live, work and minister to fulfill the grand purpose of God. 

Corporately, God’s call creates a community that belongs to Him and to one another. Together we live as a community that bears witness to our true identity and serves God’s purposes of transforming the world until Christ returns. This means that all Christians are called; all are called together, and all are called for the totality of everyday life.

In a sense, our youths are fulfilling the call of God by participating in the mission outreach of the church together with the youths and leaders of the three churches in Cambodia. What a joy it is for us at home as we do our part in praying and supporting our youths in their outreach!  

May our Lord grant us the grace and wisdom of the Spirit “to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called” (Eph. 4:1) 

Rev. Mark Tay