Jonathan Chen’s Mission Trip Reflections

Together with Pastor Mark, Tina, Dn. Bob, Kian Hwa, Mei Ling and Helen, I embarked on a mission trip to Myanmar from 21 to 24 July. During the brief time, we were touched by the lives of many people. They taught us by their lives what it meant to simply cast their cares on Him and to rejoice in Him always.

One thing I found myself reflecting upon during the entire trip was just how blessed and happy the people were despite their very trying circumstances. Many of them are struggling to make ends meet, yet they praise and acknowledge Him as their Savior and give ever so readily and heartily.  

What kind of giving am I referring to? Their warm hospitality is one of that, ferrying us with joy from place to place even when they had to use their own cars at their own expense. Providing shelter, food, education, and parental comfort to orphans is another. Every time we visited an orphanage or kindergarten run by one of these godly caregivers, our hearts rejoiced at how they had brought up the kids to trust and rejoice in Him. They love to sing and their singing is always from the heart, their joyful and radiant faces bearing witness to that. The older children are mature beyond their age, taking care of the younger ones like a parent would. While the children were singing and receiving gifts from us, you could feel a deep sense of peace and blessedness on the part of the caregivers who have a burden to minister God’s Word to those in need and have adopted these children in faith, committing their upbringing to the Lord. There seems to be no limit to the selfless love and generosity exhibited by our brethren in Myanmar. 

Similarly, as recorded in Matthew 19 and Luke 18, when a certain ruler asked Jesus how one can inherit eternal life, Jesus instructed him to sell all that he had and distribute to the poor. 

Besides, we have an example of how the early church in Acts 2 did so: as one big community, they shared all things, sold their possessions and distributed the proceeds to all according to the needs of each person. I am convinced that we too ought to share and give in the same way, dying to all our own needs and considering the needs of others.

I thank God for this valuable lesson that I learned on the trip. May we all be encouraged to follow the example of Jesus to live a life in service to others, by giving not just our money but our whole lives for the edification of God’s community and the salvation of those who are still outside the fold. Only then will we be able to sing praises and glorify God together as one voice!