The Men Who Missed Christmas

The birth of a child always brings joy to a family. Christ who was born ought to have brought great joy to His people, yet not all responded with joy at His birth (Luke 2:10).

Joseph and Mary returned to Bethlehem for the census as decreed by Caesar Augustus. Jesus was born that night, in a manger, in a place that serves as a night-time shelter for animals (Luke 2:7). But the Innkeeper who owns that manger missed out knowing the Savior. “I have no room for you”, he said to Joseph and Mary, even as he busied himself with the other guests, “...but you can stay at the lower level with the animals.” The Innkeeper missed Christmas although he was so near to Jesus.

The Innkeeper said, “I have no room for this King”.

Herod the Great heard the news of the new-born king and he was greatly disturbed (Matt 2:3). “Where will he be born?”, he asked the chief priests and scribes of the people. Getting the location from them, he then directed the Magi to find the new-born king while harbouring thoughts of murder in his heart. “I have no throne for you”, he thought to himself, even as he sat on his throne of power and authority. King Herod missed Christmas although he was so near to Jesus.

Herod said, “I have no throne for this King”.

The Chief Priests and Pharisees knew of the birth of the Messiah. All of Jerusalem had heard the Magi’s question and they themselves have been asked of the Messiah’s location from Herod (Matt 2:1-5). They gave the location to Herod and yet they, as teachers of the Law themselves, did not look for Him. “We have no time for this...”, they said, as they busied themselves with the feasts and festivals and ceremonies, with the washings and rituals in the temple. The Chief Priests and Pharisees missed Christmas although they were so near to Jesus.

Chief Priests and Pharisees said, “We have no time for this King”.

Have you any room in your heart for Jesus?

Are you going to dethrone yourself so that Christ will sit on the throne of your heart?

Are you going to spend time knowing our King, our Messiah, our Savior?

Or are you going to miss Jesus this Christmas?

(Adapted from a Christmas Sermon by Rev Wan Khwen Lam in 2017)