Are you Kingdom-ready?

“Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man

is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

- Matthew 24:44

In this Advent season, let me ask you: Do you ever think about preparing for Jesus’ return? If you do, how would you go about in your daily lives preparing for His return?

We don’t have to prepare for the first Advent - it is history. All we need to do is to be thankful for it. In that history, Jesus had come and the elect - the chosen - are already counted in His Kingdom. More through the coming to faith is to be added as time goes by.

I am thinking about the second Advent. That is in the future, and that we have to prepare for. To prepare for it is to prepare for Christ’s glorious Kingdom. Jesus enjoins us to “stay awake” and “be ready” (Matthews 24:42, 44). Furthermore, He pronounces the “servant” to be “blessed”  whom He finds ready for His return (Matthew 24:46).

As Christians - people who will one day inherit the blessed hope - shouldn't we be expected to show that sacred holiness of the Kingdom in our daily lives? Yes, we look for Jesus in Word and Sacrament, but I think that’s not enough. We should also prepare to meet “the Master” (to use Matthew’s terminology) in the market, in our workplace, and especially in our homes.

So, I invite you in this season to ponder the question: How would you prepare for Jesus’ coming?

The Kingdom is both here and coming. One useful thought I use is to fervently believe that in the now, God is always up to something good, always seeking to bless and create and restore and bring hope to our lives, our fears, and our impotence.

Advent for me then is a time to “be still” (Psalm 46:10), to be aware, to be ready, and to live a holy consecrated life. God is good. Jesus is coming again. Go, look for him and help others to look for him too.

Don’t miss a single opportunity to live in this present-day Kingdom.

Pastor Robert Chew