Pastoral letter - 15 April 2018

Dearly beloved of the Lord, members and friends who worship at Moriah and Sembawang, greetings to you in Jesus’ most majestic Name.

I write to urge you – members and friends - to take the time and make the effort to come and attend the church’s annual congregation meeting next Sunday 22 April 2018, which will start at 12.30PM.

In our busy lives, we are easily tempted to view our attendance as unimportant because it’s just another dull and mundane statutory routine. I would like to dissuade you from this view (if indeed it is your view), and strongly urge you to attend. 

There are three reasons why I am doing so. They are:

       1.  For both friends and members: it is for you to receive the annual report and be made aware of how God had blessed this church over the year. On a week to week basis, it may be easy for us to miss the not-so-visible blessings that God had showered on us. He is working and we are working – we have new developments, new areas of ministry, and a sense of revival and direction to share with you that will impact our future. What is important here is for you to review these with us and prayerfully seek God of a role in which you can be an active participant to minister God’s grace one to another.

       2. For members: It is the (re)election of elders and deacons to serve in the church. Here, it is your godly duty to exercise your right to vote for leaders to serve you. The apostles showed us in the book of Acts that this was an exercise they entered into solemnly, and with prayer, and full participation of the members of the early church. We should not do less or be flippant about this matter.

       3. The budget: It is for the general body to receive and approve the annual budget. The church’s proposed budget is by its nature, a statement of intent – ministry intent – where resources are allocated and what they will be used for. This is of importance to you and you have the right to be heard.

With the grace of God we can together aim to mature and attain to the fullness of Christ here in His church.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Robert Chew