A dialogue between the senior devil, Screwtape and a junior devil, Wormwood

(inspired by C. S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters)

My Dear Wormwood.. 

I see that Moriah is growing and people are stepping up to focus on their walk with the Enemy… We have to stop them.. here is our strategy again. 

Celebrate Consumerism 
Let them compare, from music to message to ministry.
Let them despise what they already have in the church.
Let them abuse the term “universal church”; so long as they remain in the “universal church”, it does not really matter which local church they worship and serve in. Let them believe that. 
In fact, if there is a way for them to downplay the church membership thing, make them think that there is no real need to be part of a local church membership. That way, it remains easier for them to leave when the “going gets tough”!

Cultivate Callousness
When they do stay in this church, let them just worship and go home. 
Encourage spirits of indifference, nonchalance and coldness towards everything in the church. 

Starve them of the Enemy’s instructions, that is known to revive their hearts. 
Let them misunderstand “salvation by faith alone”. No work equals no service!  
When they are approached to serve in the ministry, make them think that they are not good enough, that they are too old, too young, too busy, that they are focusing on their family, anything to make them say no. Because if lesser people are serving, the slower they will grow. We need more to suffer burnout so the church remains weak. 
You know what, let them understand “waiting on God” as sitting and not doing anything, this will keep their service at bay.

Create Confusion
If all else fails, let them serve and let them treat ministry as the ends. 
Make them focus on ministry alone and neglect Christ. 
Help them focus on numbers, activities and events and neglect the people. 
Every time they serve, help them to serve out of convenience and comfort. 
When they do see success, make that about themselves, don’t stop them, make them proud and make the ministry attractive and desirable. Cause the leaders to fight amongst themselves for credits. Cause them to be divided on non-issues. 

So long as we can keep them fighting, they will be distracted from their mission... and many will be isolated .. and when they are alone… they will be easy targets for us. Now go get them!

Your Uncle, 

(This week's article has been contributed by Dn. Gideon Loh)