A Tribute of Praise to All Our Mothers

The abuse of women in the family is a manifestation of the sexual illness of our society. We live in a sex-diseased society that has developed multi-fold ways to debase women. Movies and TV focus on rape, violence, and “use” of women. One fourth of all the sex images in “cybersex” involve the torture of women. Virtually everyone agrees all this is terrible, but no one does anything, and “good” people still take part. 

Christian must separate themselves from such “entertainment” and from such treatment of women. As Paul said, it “must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints.” (Eph. 5:3). 
It is time for Christians to speak strongly for justice of women. Christian men have a responsibility to support all women, single or married, without being patronizing in the process and without turning the responsibility into an opportunity for sexual exploitation. As such, I am convinced that we must not only speak up for them, but we must also honour them especially on such an occasion as the Mothers’ Day.
I read recently in our Straits Times about a wonderful woman who quit her job to take care of her daughter who suffered from a neuro-muscular disease and was not expected to live beyond twelve years old. 

With tender care and a mother’s unconditional love, Madam Yong raised her daughter beyond all human expectations.  Madam Yong, who got divorced when her daughter, Vivian was just three, said, “I am with her every minute, every second. I’ll shower her with love and make every day a happy one so that she can live longer in this world.”  Yes, what a fantastic mother! 

What a refreshing and challenging story! She deserves to be praised and honoured by all Singaporeans! I wonder what if the roles of the mother and daughter were reversed. Or for that matter, what if you have a mother who is totally bedridden, would you take good care of her? Like Madam Yong, would you say, “I will shower my mother with love and make every day a happy one so that she can live longer in this world”? 

I wish all our mothers and grandmothers a blessed and joyous Mothers’ Day. We thank God for your labour and sacrifices of love to bring us into the world and nurture us to be decent and honourable citizens and above all to teach us in the ways of the Lord.

Rev. Mark Tay