How to get the best out of the Church Camp?

In 2 weeks, about 190 of us will be heading to Malacca for our biannual Church Camp. There are indeed many things to look forward to. Some seek a time of respite, others an extended time of fellowship with fellow brethren and still others, the opportunity to immerse themselves in the living word of God. 

So how can we get the best out of the camp? 
Pray for a heart that is prepared, peaceable and participative. 

Prepare to have your heart challenged, your comfort zone disturbed and your status quo changed. See yourself as a half-empty (or half-full) glass to be filled by God’s Word ministered through preaching and conversations. Purpose in your heart (Luke 14:28) to rest, realign and recharge. Camps provide the time to rest from our work, a time to realign our spiritual compass and a time to plug out of self and plug in to the Savior. 

While we have been seeing each other in our weekly worship services, we will now be interacting and living in close proximity for a good 4 days in a camp. Conflicts,  disagreements and differences can happen. Seek to live peaceably (Rom 12:18) amongst all campers (even guests and employees at the hotel). 

Participate. We are members one of another in the same body of Christ. We are to build each other up into maturity in Christ (Eph 4:16). Ask the Lord to provide “opportunities” to have good and deep conversations with some during the camp. How do you intend to be a blessing as you participate? Be engaged and present at the Camp in such a way that will spur others to greater faith and love. 

Do you desire a meaningful and memorable time with God at the camp? Be prepared, be peaceable and participate!

Lastly, let us commit all campers to the Lord. Pray for hearts to be changed. Pray for the birth of new spiritual friendships and the strengthening of existing ones. Pray for God’s Word to be preached faithfully and powerfully. Pray for conversion of all pre-believers. Pray for safety in travel and in the camp. Pray for the seniors in our camp, as well as those with young children. Pray for the Camp committee members and partners to discharge their duties diligently and joyfully. 

Looking forward to the camp!