Reflections on the Church Camp - PECULIAR PEOPLE 2018

During our church camp, I can see how God has blessed us with a solid leadership and awesome team members that brought forth the warmth of our MBPC family. Inspired by the messages given by Mr Gn, I am convicted that with compassion and endurance given by God, we can take the risk to embrace each other as God’s family. 

I am likewise greatly encouraged to see our next generation stepping up to give themselves to the Lord in serving and organising such energetic and creative activities for us all. This, I am sure, will provide us with the much-needed firewood to keep the light burning bright in our mind, heart and soul.
(Lim How Oo, Andrew)

This was my 2nd Moriah church camp. A key take-away for me was how each of us in the family of Christ should take risk, to be vulnerable, by opening ourselves up to others and be vested in the family - no man can be an island. Mr Gn’s message has given me greater clarity for the reasons to be in church. 
Besides worshipping corporately on Sunday, the church is also a gathering of community to uphold one another in Christ and to stimulate/stir/spur/provoke one another unto good works. In this regard, I was greatly moved by the sharing of the missionaries from Kyrgyzstan - how they had forsaken comfort and safety for God’s work. 
As we face life’s tribulations, the church is a safe refuge where members in the family serve, pray and uplift each other. At the same time, as we give more of ourselves, we in turn become vessels for God’s answers to others’ prayers. I pray to be more vested in Moriah and this testimony is my own small step towards this.
(Edwin Ho)

Oh how good it is
On this journey we share
To rejoice with the happy
And weep with those who mourn. 
For the weak find strength
The afflicted find grace
When we offer the blessing
Of belonging. 

(Church Camp Theme Song, 2nd stanza — “Oh, How Good It Is” by Keith and Kristyn Getty)