Pastoral Letter from Rev. Robert Chew

8 July 2018

Dearly beloved of the Lord,

We are filled with joy today as we celebrate our twentieth anniversary.

With rejoicing we echo the opening lines of the sixty-sixth psalm – “Shout for joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious.”  We shout for joy because of God’s manifest grace and bountiful blessings.

Let me count a few of these for your thanksgiving:

By His wisdom God helped us to build ourselves up in our most holy faith; He kept us in the love of God; and, faithfully we are able to wait for the mercy of the blessed hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The pastoral staff and session have been deepened and strengthened. They have been gifted and empowered with the sacred ability to teach and preach His Word. This is truly praiseworthy because it’s a grace only God can bestow. 

God has raised and appointed new leaders and new (and younger) people who are stepping forward to actively engage in the work of edifying the body of Christ and glorifying the Lord.
Our desire to carry out the Lord’s Great Commission has remained strong. We have seen larger and wider participation from members and friends in overseas missions. Locally, we were blessed with the privilege to be vessels of Jesus’ gospel visibly calling some into His kingdom. 

The nascent Building Fund and Grey Matters ministries are taking shape and moving in the right direction. I invite you to pray with us for God to guide and direct these according to His will and for His purposes.

Whilst it is the twentieth anniversary we at Moriah BPC are celebrating, we can, however, as a branch of Sembawang BPC, look back and thank God for forty-eight years of God’s visible blessings on our church. Truly He has done wonderful things.

May the Lord continue to grant His grace for us, to go forward with confidence and earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints so that His Name will forever be praised. 

Humbly in Christ,
Pastor Robert Chew