Pastoral letter from Rev. Robert Chew

Dear Members and Friends of Sembawang-Moriah BPC,

On behalf of the church Session, I write with sincere thanksgiving to God to formally acknowledge what you already know.

The Lord has deepened and strengthened our abilities to carry out the work of ministry here in Moriah and Sembawang. And for this, we are exceedingly grateful.  

We are thankful to God for Daniel Gan and Grace Wan, both of whom graduated from the Singapore Bible College from the Master of Divinity programme in May. (They also got married just before their graduation!)

Both Daniel (who was already active in serving the Lord in Moriah before embarking on his M. Div. studies), and the now Mrs Gan have joined us as full time pastoral staff to serve the Lord here in Moriah.

Daniel’s focus will initially be on serving in the pulpit and youth ministries (both YF and YAF); and, Grace’s on the young ladies and children ministries. Both of course, will work closely with the existing pastoral staff and Session to further develop and grow the church’s God-given ability to shepherd the flock. 

Because of God’s rich and infinite grace, He will over time call and appoint Daniel and Grace to new tasks and challenges to which, it is our prayer that they will, together with the existing pastoral staff and Session, rise to meet with unity and love and discharge all appointments with diligence and humility. 

We would like to call on you our members and friends to give thanks with us to God for being our great Provider and the loving Giver of all gifts. Pray constantly with us for His Spirit, His wisdom and His knowledge to keep, guide, and lead us to use His gifts to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.

Let us raise our eyes and hands to God and in deepest reverence say, “O Lord, we are your stewards, let us be found faithful.”

Pastor Robert Chew