True Blessedness

I recently read an article showing how six global trends indicate that the world is slowly improving. These trends are:

Extreme Poverty.  In 1940, about 75% of the world was in extreme poverty, but today that number is 10%. That means 75% of the world are making more than US$1.90 per day. It might not seem a lot for us, but making any less would make it difficult to survive anywhere in the world.

Basic Education.   In 1820, only a privileged few were able to get basic schooling. Today, the number of classrooms and schools around the world is remarkable. At this moment, 86% of people today have access to basic education.

Literacy.  In line with the increase in basic education, literacy has increased from 12% to 85% over about two hundred years. This has a huge impact on missions, as the gospel can now reach most people via the written word. When you add the proliferation of the Internet to this, the reach of the gospel today could be wider than we think.

Democracy.  In 1900, only 1 in 100 people lived in a democracy. Today, 56 in 100 live in a country with free and fair elections. Democracy is a blessing from God, because it allows the changing of governments to be a peaceful process.

Vaccination.  We are blessed to live in times when many diseases are prevented by vaccinations. Two hundred years ago, this medical technology did not exist. Thankfully, 86% of people in the world are vaccinated against many basic and devastating illnesses.

Child Mortality.  As recently as 1920, 30% of infants would die before they reach their 5th birthday. Since then, improvements in housing, sanitation, medicine and science have reduced this global rate to 4%.

We live in an age, where life can seem to be naturally blessed. Modern science and technology have pushed us further away from the curses found in Gen 3. It is no wonder that people might be led to think that they have all they need on this earth to be happy. Regardless of how good a life one may have in this world, it will never reverse sin and death (Gen 2:16–17). It is only in Christ that we find true blessedness that will survive even the world that we are living in.

Dn. Mervin Lin