2019 Theme - Acting in Faith on The Promises of God

The year's theme is Acting in Faith on the promises of God.

For most part of this year, we will be working through the book of Joshua.

Knowing about God must change the way we live. So therefore, Acting in Faith on the Promises of God is apt. Knowing that God is a promise-keeping God must lead us to act in faith, to live by faith.

Theology must lead to doxology. The word of God sowed in our hearts must bring about a life-transforming love for Christ.

This theme is not only apt, it is timely. The generation which came out of Egypt was not the generation which was called to occupy the promised land. This new generation has not seen first-hand the miracles in Egypt, those which their fathers told them about. Through the unfolding narratives in Joshua, God displayed His power through a number of miracles for this generation. It was time for this new generation to witness God’s power in a more intimate and personal way. It was time for them to experience God first-hand. Our current Moriah congregation is also a very different group from the generation which came from Sembawang to Simei. The call for us then, is not one of “exiting Egypt” but a call to occupy the Promised Land as we turn 21 this year! As we cross our “river Jordan” to begin occupying God’s “Promised Land”, it is time for us to behold God’s power, providence and presence, first-hand.

We the “Gen J (Joshua!)” must realise that until and unless we begin to move and act in faith on the promises of God, there will be no conquest, there will be no victories and there will be no promised land. If Moses had not raised his staff over the sea, there will be no parting of the Red Sea.

If Israel would not move to take on the enemies that occupied the land, they will own no lands.

If the founding members of Moriah did not act on God’s word, there is no Moriah today.

In His divine sovereignty, God calls His people to respond in faith. We too are to respond in faith on the promises of God. The book of Joshua is a call to act in faith, we must do so because God is faithful to His word; what God says, God does. It’s time to claim the promises of God.

Joshua 1 shows us the way God will give success to Israel,

• God will personally give them the land He has promised (Joshua 1:2-3)

• God has provided His word/laws to guide them (Joshua 1:7-8)

• God will be with them wherever they go (Joshua 1:5,9)

Likewise, we will see success because God has given us His promises, His word and the Holy Spirit.

What kind of church will Moriah be if we all start to act in faith on the promises of God?

Would you begin a journey of a more personal and intimate walk with Christ?

Gideon Loh