Happy Children's Day

My Dear Children

Happy Children’s Day

Have a fun filled day with your friends and family. Put aside all worries and cares for they will take care of themselves for today.


I am writing this letter to let you know that you are precious, well loved and you are God’s gift to all of us.

We confess that many times we don’t seem to appreciate and treasure this gift that God has given us. Instead we expect more because we are discontented.

We become disappointed when you do not achieve our high expectations of you in school grades, sports or career. So much so that we say things that ought not to be said, and by so doing we hurt and humiliate you greatly.

Children, we too are learning how to be good mums and dads, and sadly many times we fail. We hope to do better in our actions and words.

Will you forgive us? Will you be patient with us as we try to be more and more like Jesus in love and patience?

My prayer for you this Children’s Day:

Our Father in heaven, we thank You for our children. Our children are our heritage from you and are gifts entrusted to us for a while. We depend on You, Lord, to help us raise them up. Help us to accept and love them as You have made them.

We want to bless and honor them.

We pray for Your blessings upon their lives. Make them strong in You and guard them from the attack of the evil one. Bless them at home, at school and at play. Bless them with health: spiritually, physically and mentally. When the stress they face from school gets tough, teach them to cope and manage the pressures that often times may come from the expectations of others.

May you know, dear children that Jesus is personally concerned with your lives and well-being. You are of great worth to Him and we desire to respond to you in this same way.

Dear Lord, we stand upon Your promises that according to Your purpose and will, You will do all that we ask of You for our dear children.

In Jesus Name,


With lots of love,

Elder Handson