Till death do us part

I will be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary with Sharon this week! I thank God for how He has shaped our love for each other over the years. Just a few days ago, many were also busy talking about “love” but what can love look like in real life? Following is a personal letter written by someone dear to Sharon and I. This person was hospitalised at the point of the letter. She was 90 years old and her husband was 92.

Dearest Husband,

You have accompanied me for 72 years of our marriage, I could not imagine that this unexpected situation would cause both of us to be separated for the first time and up to 20 days. Due to bacterial infection in my liver and blood, I have to be on antibiotics to clear the abscess as an operation would be too dangerous. Hence, I will not be able to return home for the time being. Please forgive me for not being able to take care of you. I can only plead in tears in the presence of the Lord, may the Lord be with you and grant you strength to stand up and walk again so that you can take care of me. Now that we are both of age, it is indeed our greatest blessing to have children who tenderly care for us... May the Lord bless them for being so filial! Hopefully in the next few days, the doctor can arrange for me to go home for a short while to chat with you and make you laugh again.

Most importantly, please be patient so that those taking care of you will not be put in a difficult position. If you have strength, please stand up and walk around to let your blood circulate. I love you, …love you forever. To have a husband who never leave nor forsake is the greatest blessing of my life.

My hands are shivering as I write, without glasses and proper lighting, all is written in a mess. Please don’t laugh at me ok?

Your wife

(This letter was written 2 weeks before her discharge on 24 Mar 2017. Her husband went home to Christ 1 week after.)

If you are married, does the above look like how you will deal with separation from your spouse? Is this how you would yearn for each other’s love, affection and presence even with persistent flaws? If your answer is yes, rejoice! You have what it takes to put in perspective the marital conflicts and challenges you are facing right now.

But if the above seems like a movie scene to you, would you ask God to overwhelm you with His love, so that you will be able to avail such sacrificial and unconditional love to your spouse now?

If you are single, may this letter remind you of the faithfulness of God. His love will never leave nor forsake you. He will never abandon you. You belong to Christ.

Mark 10:9: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."