King of Thrones

The TV Series, Game of Thrones aired its final episode earlier this Monday. And all over the world, fans are bemoaning the lackluster season and finale. They were so disappointed and discontented that over a million of them signed a petition calling for a remake of Season 81. They really didn’t like the ending and disliked that Bran, the Broken was on the Iron Throne and not Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion or Sansa.

It’s a fact that we face disappointments often in life. And disappointments come about because we have hopes and expectations. But is it wrong to have hopes? To have expectations? I don’t think it’s wrong, but an issue arises when our hopes and expectations are not tempered through the lens of God’s Word, but rather, through the lens of “what we want” and “what we think is best”.

You see, when our hopes and expectations fall flat, we grow discontented, disenchanted and disillusioned with God. Our discontentment tells us that “we deserve better” and that God is not “giving us what we deserve.”

  • Many people don’t like the ending in the Bible, that all who refuse to acknowledge the sovereignty of the King of Thrones will be thrown into hell and everlasting fire. (Matt 13:42)

  • Many people don’t like the Final Season where Christians have to suffer and go through countless tribulations. (Acts 14:22)

  • Many people don’t like the fact that King Jesus, the Broken is going to sit on the Throne. (Rev 7:17) They had someone else in mind for the Throne!

But, when our hopes and expectations are interpreted through the lens of God’s Word, things begin to look different.

  • We see that King Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, suffered and his body was broken on the cross for our sake (1 Cor 11:23-24) because God loves us (John 3:16).

  • We see that just as Christ has suffered, we are expected to suffer and go through tribulations because it shapes us to produce endurance, character and hope (Rom 5:3-5).

  • We see that although we suffer with Christ in our lives, we also share in His comfort (2 Cor 1:5).

Only when we see God’s directions for us in life as good, would we become contented, knowing the joy He has for us as we say in unison, “King Jesus Christ the Broken, Ruler of All Kingdoms and Protector of His people. Forever may He reign.”

Mr. Daniel Gan