“Blessed are the merciful…” - Matthew 5:7

This story may bring warmth to your hearts. (It could also bring tears.)

On July 3 Ip Lee Lee and Daniel Hoo from our Grey Matters ministry visited two Christian ladies Adalena and Pei Yann who run Antioch Toa Payoh Outreach. Their ministry is as simple as it is profound: they started by knocking on doors of one-room flats in Toa Payoh to give cooked food to the poor residents.

Adalena was moved to these acts of mercy after God saved her from the clutches of death.  She offered herself as a vessel to be used by God to minister to the old, the sick, the desolate, and the aged folk in Toa Payoh. She and her ministry partner, Pei Yann, themselves struggling with illness and other limitations, carried on the work with passion.

After the residents became familiar with them and became more open, these ladies started to openly pray for them. From food, prayers, and bible stories, they started to offer other practical assistance, like, lending them wheelchairs and accompanying them to the doctors, and helping them to read their mails. Regular gatherings are arranged in the void decks for mundane but necessary care like cleaning, toenail clippings, shoulder massages, etc.

Through word of mouth, they now are able to reach out to more the single-room dwellers in the neighbourhood.

I ask: What can I do for Christ? My answer: Small services.

Small services are often all we have it in our power to render.

Small services are sufficient to show love for the Saviour.

Small services are invaluable--often trivial--like the “cup of cold water” Jesus alluded to.

Small services shall be richly rewarded: “He will by no means lose his reward.” 

From Thee all skill and science flow,

All pity, care and love,

All calm and courage, faith and hope;

O pour them from above.

Pastor Robert Chew, with contributions from Ip Lee Lee and Daniel Hoo